Saturday, March 6, 2010

Both the 80's and 90's in one post!

For the first time in my life I found parts of the 80's/90's that I like. Maybe I'm biased because the photos from the 90's are of my mom, her very chic friend Barb, my Mema, and our artist friend Carl. The 80's is the music video "Land Down Under" by  Men At Work. This is kind of an odd occasion because I have always viewed trying to find anything truly fahionably post 60's and pre 2000's as looking for an engagement ring amongst a bunch of Ring Pops; simply too much cheesiness to bear. Men At Work just happened to come up in my Japanese class when we were discussing whether it is Vegimite or Vegimate (the sandwich spread). I happen to love the young man's face when he is in Bombay after the begger asks him if he is form the 'land down under'. His over-the-top grin and nodding kills me every time, not to mention the man 2nd from the left dancing on the sand dunes.


Vivi said...

Shelby your pictures are so good.. and old i love your mom she was so you and beautiful til nowadays.Good job Shelby

Shelby said...

Ummm. Thanks Vivi, but the translation of 'til nowadays' implies that she's not beautiful anymore. But, I'm sure that's not what you meant to say :)

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