Saturday, May 22, 2010

Entomology meets Anthropology

I've always loved bringing unique souvenirs home from travels; buying the thing that most embodies your trip. Sitting in my room I have a starfish from the Irish Sea, a crest-printed ascot, and European cowbell--both from Irish charity shops, a hand-painted depiction of Abraham done by a Romanian Monk, who refuses to sign his work, along with various trinket boxes from India, and enough over-sized scarves from everywhere to strangle a cow. (please excuse the odd comparison) Anyway, the New York Times did a spread entitled The New Antiquarians. Below is a picture from the spread that completely inspires me. I love the vibe it gives of old-fashioned adventure and complete curiosity. This in turn reminded me of how much I loved the butterfly displays that I saw recently at the rock and mineral show. I found some wonderful ones to buy at Real Butterfly Gifts at Etsy. Maybe I'll start putting some in my room, they'd be great flying in limbo above an antique writing desk.
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Friday, May 21, 2010


lovely veils by Johanna Johnson, death by art deco beauty.
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Lovely Lace

I love this jewelry by Etsy seller Lace and Kimball. It's beautiful and affordable with prices ranging from $18 to $36. What a great way to make a tee-shirt look fancy.
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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Thoroughbred Style

I got a wonderful text from my Mema today that told me that The Preakness is this Saturday! The above picture reminds me of everything I imagine in horse-racing style; Mint Julep in hand, little dress, big hat, possibly an ex-debutant. I'm not so crazy about the last place in America where I can dress as if I'm attending the Queen's Garden party, but below I found some other options (in Paris and the like) which are much more appealing to me.
Pictures: thesartorialist, and anonymous via google.
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Saturday, May 8, 2010

What a novel idea.

I love cute stop-motion films, and I love books, so when Amazon combined both for their electronic-reading Kindle, I knew I had to share it with you.

Mod Cloth Makes Me Smile

I love Mod Cloth. If you don't know about it, then you are sorely missing a sweet piece of life. It's an online clothing site created by two high school sweet-hearts, who show their passion for vintage and vintage-inspired clothing. It's not your standard clothing site; with witty stories along with exceptionally picked clothing. Just take a look at this Resistance Fighter Coat story (btw I totally want this coat, if the story is not enough, then simply for it's quirky military vibe!)

"I wonder what ever happened to David the Barrister. I met him in London, circa 2007. Haven't spoken to him since. I was out with my cousin, reveling at a cabaret-style bar. We were kicking up our heels and laughing, when a brown-haired dandy in a white button-down sauntered up to me. "You look like a fairy," he informed me. Such was my introduction to David the Barrister. We struck up a light conversation, and at some unmemorable point, he suddenly burst out in impromptu narrative. David proceeded to tell me a story in which I was a French Resistance Fighter and he a British Paratrooper. He would be delivering a message to me, an urgent message of utmost importance to the resistance. Just as he slipped me this note, a swarm of enemies would surround us! I would run into the woods, safe, as he was gunned down heroically, but not before we shared a direly romantic kiss. Frankly, thoughts of this story make me chuckle. Nevertheless, when I saw this BB Dakota coat, I thought of David's saga. This was it - the coat I would have worn as the French Resistance Fighter! I would have stood on that fated dirt path, this cloak's deep hood hiding my face as David tucked the aforementioned message into one of my front pockets. The enemy soldiers would have been so distracted by the look of me beneath the clean line of this garment's belted, black form, and button-edged, gold braid-bedecked front, that I would have easily escaped into the forest, the cape of the coat's mock sleeves streaming behind me. Wrapped in this stunner, I'd skillfully complete my mission, because whoever wears a coat this gorgeous, whether in fiction or reality, is bound for smashing success!" -Hannah, Fashion Writer

They said 'dress as you want to be' I just happened to want to be Parisian today.

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Do not anticipate trouble or worry about what may never happen. Keep in the sunlight. ~Benjamin Franklin

Outfit: Western Inspired

Everyone at school loved hearing that I had gotten dressed this morning by pulling this vest out of my 'dress-up bin' from when I was younger. As I told them all; It was either the vest or the tutu.
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