Saturday, May 22, 2010

Entomology meets Anthropology

I've always loved bringing unique souvenirs home from travels; buying the thing that most embodies your trip. Sitting in my room I have a starfish from the Irish Sea, a crest-printed ascot, and European cowbell--both from Irish charity shops, a hand-painted depiction of Abraham done by a Romanian Monk, who refuses to sign his work, along with various trinket boxes from India, and enough over-sized scarves from everywhere to strangle a cow. (please excuse the odd comparison) Anyway, the New York Times did a spread entitled The New Antiquarians. Below is a picture from the spread that completely inspires me. I love the vibe it gives of old-fashioned adventure and complete curiosity. This in turn reminded me of how much I loved the butterfly displays that I saw recently at the rock and mineral show. I found some wonderful ones to buy at Real Butterfly Gifts at Etsy. Maybe I'll start putting some in my room, they'd be great flying in limbo above an antique writing desk.
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