Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Post 100!

Since I completely redesigned and rebooted my blog into a very fashionable, lovely bit of La Revolution, this will be my 100th post! wooh! To celebrate this momentous occasion, I'm going to have a bit of a random post. I've had that song 'My Favorite Things' from The Sound of Music stuck in my head, and I though I'd just post some pictures that make me incandescently happy.

Autumn Vision

Just as The Edge of Love inspired my Spring/Summer wardrobe, Keira Knightley has again influenced my fashion future. The new movie Never Let Me Go (release sept. 15) has exactly what I want for my fall look; lots of layered sweaters, tall socks and boots, and relaxed waves with bangs. The movie is based off a book that was considered the best novel in a decade, and one of the 100 best books since 1925. but it just LOOKS beautiful. I especially love the part where the lady says "we didn't need to look into your soul, we needed to see if you had souls at all." and Carey Mulligan's voice at the end is hauntingly beautiful. I love a movie that questions what makes us human, and this does just that.

Have a Heart

I always love seeing Celebrities either collaborating with, of starting a charity. I found this ad against domestic violence which Keira Knightley plays in brilliantly, and I just had to share it. One other noteable charity I adore is the Naked Heart Foundation which was created by my favorite model, Natalia Vodianova, in order to create playgrounds for impoverished communities in Russia. It just goes to prove that the best thing to do with money is to give it away...
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